Papworth Investments Ltd

Papworth Investments Ltd was created in 2011 by Jonathan Papworth as a vehicle to manage his many enterprises.

The main objective of Papworth Investments Ltd is to provide a single source for all projects Jonathan Papworth, and other members of his immediate family, are involved in over the long term. Having built many businesses in the past, this company has been created for long term continuity, with a view to enabling other businesses to be created, grow, flourish and be sold, whilst providing consistency within this business.

What we do

The menu at the top gives access to the different businesses that we have been involved with. Initially this is quite light as there are some restrictions from the last business sale - but as time progresses this will increase.

There is also a section for Jonathan's family with access to their individual on-line presence where applicable.


Jonathan has been a business entrepreneur since the age of 20, and over the past years has been either the founder or senior member of four successful business enterprises.

Now residing in Dorking, Surrey, UK, Jonathan is using the assets acquired over the years to develop and support businesses of many styles.