Jenny has a degree in History and is now studying for a Masters. She has also had an artistic flair, with some of her work here, and also has studied history. She has a great interest in skin care, and has a blog called on the face of it where she tries to advise sensible use of make-up products.


Having been awarded a 2:1 English Degree, Kirstin is current working in at Person Centred Software where she is responsible for marketing communications.

Meanwhile, her online presence is growing rapidly, with a blog called Art Bites, and a music blog featuring newly released artists from the indie, electronic and alternative music scene.

She also has the following achievements:

An essay entitled 'How Critical Were Seventeenth-Century Writers of Emergent Colonialism?' published in BrightONLINE, the University of Brighton literary journal.

Co-wrote a collection of essays produced for Early Modern Literature module, which is published on the University of Brighton English Literature Department's website as an example of outstanding work by second year undergraduates

Opinion article about Mumford and Sons published in The Guardian


After studying for a degree in computer software, Alex is working as a software engineer in London. In the distant past he built a YouTube following making videos. If you are interested then Alex (known as Pappy) also has an active twitter feed. Mid 2013 Alex got married to Cece - who is also active on YouTube - we wish them both every happiness in their future life together.


After achieving a Maths degree at Manchester University, Abbie went on to gain a Masters in the Internet of Things. She has set her sights on data science at the moment, and is currently enjoying working for Spotify in London